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Magazine, Collier’s Weekly – Charles Dana Gibson – “A Suffragette Husband”

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53.1c. “A Suffragette Husband,” Collier’s Magazine. Black sketch drawn by Charles Dana Gibson. Shows a sad, dejected looking slight older man sitting with his hands folded, while his heavy set wife, looking sternly at him, reads the newspaper with headlines, “Political banquet attacked by Suffragette” and “Women to Vote.” looking dog. Copyright 1909 by P.F. Collier & Son. Collier’s Magazine pages18 and 19, month not known. 21” x 12” when fully opened. DATE: 1909.

When Norman Hapgood became editor of Collier’s Weekly in 1903 he attracted many leading authors and illustrators.  In 1903 Gibson signed a $100,000 contract agreeing to deliver 100 pictures at $1,000 each during the next four year.

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